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The term 'soda jerk' was a pun on 'soda clerk', the formal job title of the drugstore assistants who operated soda fountains, and was inspired by the "jerking" action the server would use to swing the soda fountain handle back and forth when adding the soda water.

Here at jerk’s we hail the craft of mixing all our sodas from scratch the way it was done in “the good old days” but with a focus on today’s tastes.

Because of our large assortment of syrups and the ability to custom mix drinks, your choices of sodas, floats, shakes and malts are endless.

Whether you desire a simple cola or try a new chocolate raspberry cremosa or an orange pineapple float, we can custom make your drink for you. So come in for a cherry chocolate shake, cherry lime soda, or peach mango shake - you won’t be disappointed.

We have NY specialties, recipes from the 40’s and 50’s and concoctions for today.

With our ice cream selection and topping choices, we can also custom create a sundae just for you.

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